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SOLD, Yarmouth Royal River 2

Sold from my Etsy Shop, a mini painting done plein air at the Yarmouth Town Landing on a warm July day at high tide.  This little guy is heading to New York City, thank you new collector!

"Yarmouth Royal River 2" acrylic on canvas, 5" x 5", SOLD

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Kettle Cove 18.5

Painted at Kettle Cove today, pretty windy, but a nice sunny day! Spring is finally here! Some shots of the painting in process...a very peaceful day at the water's edge...

"Kettle Cove 18.5" pastel on paper, 9" x 24"

Saccarappa Art Collective 6, Westbrook, Maine

Some peaceful views at a difficult time.

"Pine Point Evening 13" pastel on paper, 16 x 22
"Pine Point Evening 6" pastel on paper, 10 x 16
"Scarborough Marsh 20" pastel on paper, 13 x 37
"Scarborough Marsh 4" pastel on paper, 9 x 18
"Morse Mountain 7" pastel on paper, 16 x 22

photos Jay York

Kettle Cove 17

A new painting from April 5 at Kettle Cove, Cape Elizabeth, Maine. One of my favorite places to paint and walk, big sky views and fabulous sunsets. A favorite getaway for Portlanders. This is the largest pastel that I have done, it was for the window of Aucocisco Gallery for Double Dozen, a show with my husband photographer Fred Michel. This is a thirteen week series of two person one week long shows.

"Kettle Cove 17" pastel on board, 24" x 36"

photo  Jay York

Double Dozen, Aucocisco Galleries, Portland, Maine

Tonight's the night! Opening reception for Double Dozen Caren-Marie Michel and Fred Michel at Aucocisco Galleries in Portland, Maine. This is a special series of shows by a double baker's dozen of artists over thirteen weeks, each pair of artist's work is up for a three day show. My husband Fred is a horticultural photographer. This is our second two person show together! I will be showing thirteen pastel paintings, one done especially for the window of Aucocisco Galleries. The show is open April 11-13 with the opening reception tonight from 5-7 pm and a closing open house on Saturday fro 3-5 pm. Hope you can join us! We are the second week of this series, hope you can enjoy the fun every week with a new and exciting show at Aucocisco.

"Wolfe's Neck 2" pastel on paper, 11" x 27.5", photo Jay York
"Kettle Cove 17" pastel on board, 24" x 36"

Eastern Prom 5

Back to the studio to paint some minis! This one is a scene of Casco Bay from the Eastern Promenade in Portland, Maine at sunset. Boats and planes and trains!

"Eastern Prom 5" acrylic on canvas, 4 x 6

Sold Katahdin Lake 09-06, North Light Gallery, Millinocket, Maine

Thank you North Light Gallery! Did this mini painting at Katahdin Lake Wilderness Camps from a photo on a very rainy fall day from the covered porch of my cabin. Sometimes it rains when I go on plein air painting expeditions and then I just have to find a place to paint. I always bring some of my photo prints with me just in case...

"Katahdin Lake 09-06" acrylic on canvas, 4 x 6, SOLD