March Marathon Day 3

Started a March Painting Marathon with 12 Facebook artist friends.  My goal for the month is to get back to daily painting after a long winter break.  This is a pastel that I did at Kettle Cove recently at sunset and had to stop at darkness before it was completed.  Finished it in the studio as it was too cold to head out to paint today.  I also took 9 pastels to the photographer to be shot today, I think it's really important to have great professionally shot digital images of my work ready for my website, press releases, show entries, etc.  Thank you for following my blog, I hope that you will share it with friends!  It was warm enough to paint on the sunporch with just a space heater even at 16 degrees.  Getting closer to spring!

"Kettle Cove 13" pastel on paper, 9 x 24, SOLD