Maiden Cove 2- Casino Beach

 "Maiden Cove 2-Casino Beach" pastel, 11 x 27.5
Painted for the Cape Elizabeth Land Trust Paint for Preservation wet paint auction today.  I was assigned maiden cove for my painting location, it was a very warm day for painting in Maine, 91 degrees, even right on the water.  I started out with a 24 x 24 acrylic on canvas at 9:30 am and then changed location at about high tide at 1:15 pm and did a second painting, a pastel on paper.  It was HOT!!!  finished at 2:55.  As we could only enter one painting in the auction, I really wasn't sure which one to enter.  A quick poll of the artists and others at the drop off resulted in a the end I picked the pastel as there was only one other pastel in the auction, a beauty by Wade Zahares of Portland Head Light.  I was very happy that the pastel sold as did all the paintings by the 30 artists juried into this event.  A great turnout for the event, and fantastic job by all!  It was great to see such support for CELT!  The nicest people live on Maiden Cove, many offers of cold drinks, bathrooms(very important to plein air painters!) and parking, thank you all!