Scarborough Marsh 54

I did a large pastel at the Scarborough Marsh this morning, perfect painting conditions.  The fall colors on the marsh were just coming out and the high tide was incredible.  The paper is Wallis dry mounted to acid free foam core and the under painting is pastel washed with Spectrafix casein based fixative.  I use the fixative on a large brush throughout the painting to blend and wash various areas.  I have lots of different pastels, from 1970's Grumbacher to Terry Ludwigs.  Just when I finished and was packing up, a gust of wind came up and blew my easel into the bridge of my nose, had a purple bruise and saw stars.  Plein air painters suffer many injuries at work!

"Scarborough Marsh 54" pastel on Wallis, 12" x 36", SOLD