October Baxter State Park and Katahdin Lake Trip

 Headed out to the Maine North Woods on the first of October in the pouring rain, the weather front stayed put for a few days and then blew out of Maine with 40 mph winds and cold Canadian air. It was a very challenging fall painting trip. I stayed for the first three days at the Big Moose Inn at Millinocket Lake. The weather was bad, so Innkeeper Laurie let me paint in the beautiful dining room of Big Moose. Spent the day working from a photo of a sunrise on Katahdin Lake from my second trip to the Lake in October of 2006, a cold, clear, mirror image sunrise.  After painting,
I was itching to get outdoors so I took a hike into Sandy Stream Pond in Baxter Park just at sunset in the rain. The next day was more of the same, I took a drive up to Ripogenus Lake and every time that I stopped at a great painting location the rain started, so I went in to Millinocket to buy food for my stay at Katahdin Lake Wilderness Camps, just breakfast and lunch, I would have supper at the main lodge with Rachel and Holly's great cooking and sharing the table with other visitors. Stopped at North Light Gallery to paint for the rest of the afternoon, the Alton Bog at sunset from memory.  North Light Gallery represents all of my Katahdin area work and I paint in the gallery when the weather is not too good on my trips North. I was supposed to fly in to KLWC the next morning on Katahdin Air Service, but the weather didn't allow any flying in to the Lake all day, another day spent painting at the gallery. Three days, three paintings, all indoors! On the fifth day I was able to fly into the Lake, last flight in as the winds were wild. I did some drawing in my cabin and the wind was peeling the bark from the birch tree outside the window! The next day I spent an hour drawing on the beach, 33 degrees and 30-40mph winds, froze with six layers on! The seventh day was spent painting on the beach, a fine lip of snow on Hamlin that melted in the bright sunlight. I started a painting of the Island in my cabin that night by gas lamp and flashlight, and finished it the next morning as warm weather settled in and I flew back out to civilization. Met lots of interesting people from Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Washington, Wisconsin, Michigan and Maine! Baxter attracts people from all over the world for her natural wonders and living close to nature.

"Katahdin 18" acrylic, 24 x 24, SOLD
"Alton Bog 1" acrylic, 6 x 18
"Katahdin Lake 19" acrylic, 12 x 24
"Katahdin Lake 1-11" acrylic, 8 x 16, SOLD
"Katahdin Lake 2-11" acrylic, 12 x 30, SOLD
"Katahdin Lake 3-11" acrylic, 4 x 6, SOLD