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Gardner Creek NB 11 and 12

First thing this morning painted the view in acrylic from Moore's Specialties B & B, beautiful hay field and old barns with the so New Brunswick spiky tree line.  After lunch I went down to the beach and started a pastel, rain was certain to fall soon.  I was able to finish even though I had to half pack up once for some light rain.  Used lots of SpectraFix on this one!  Then I went to paint on Duck Pond Road, but as soon as I starting setting up the rain came, so I went to dinner and there was a thunder storm.  I painted a couple of watercolor postcards while enjoying the view of The Caves in St Martins from the porch and a nice meal.

"Gardner Creek NB 11" acrylic on canvas, 6 x 18, SOLD
"Gardner Creek NB 12" pastel on board, 9 x 24, SOLD

Gardner Creek NB 9 and 10, The Caves NB 2

Had a great painting day today!  I started at the beach at Gardner Creek and did two paintings in different locations.  The biting flies were very pesky today, this beach is right near a marsh.  Then I went on to dinner at The Caves and then did another painting.  The sun sets very late in New Brunswick in June.  The bugs were very bad on the beach at The Caves too, oh well!
"Gardner Creek NB 9" acrylic, 10 x 10
"Gardner Creek NB 10" acrylic, 8 x 16
"The Caves NB 2" acrylic, 8 x 16

Harris Point, Eastport 2

Today was beautiful in Eastport!  I painted at Harris Point again today and it was sheltered from the cool wind downtown, it was a very warm 81 degrees.  I finished my second painting for the Bay of Fundy Plein Air Painters show at the Next Door Gallery in Eastport opening Friday night.  A very peaceful place to paint.  The ferry to Deer island comes and goes by here, looking out at Deer island.  Lots of sea birds and the clanging of the dock as the tide went out.  Dropped off my work at the gallery and then headed out to New Brunswick, 20 degrees cooler in St John and a finger of purple fog had settled on the city in bright sunshine, a mystical sight! 

"Harris Point, Eastport 2" acrylic, 12 x 24

Harris Point, Eastport 1

No rain today, so I was able to paint.  Watched the tide go out and come in, the tides up here are amazing!

I love the mud flats.
"Harris Point, Eastport 1" acrylic, 10 x 20

Millinocket Lake 2 & Logging Road Fall 1

Painted at Heartwood College of Art in Kennebunk today while gallery sitting for the Pastel Painters of Maine 12th International Juried Exhibition.  The first pastel of the day was from a photo of Millinocket Lake that I took while we were on a Moose Cruise a couple of years ago, Katahdin completely hidden by the clouds.
"Millinocket Lake 2" pastel on paper, 12 x 24

The second painting today was from a photo that I took on my first trip to Katahdin Lake in October of 2006 on the logging road to the old parking area for the Wilderness Camps.

 "Logging Road Fall 1" pastel on paper, 6 x12

This is my easel set up at Heartwood to work on the first painting, some of the show paintings in the
background with resident cat!  He eventually went to sleep on my drop cloth under my easel.

Pine Point- Salty Bay 1

Did a mid afternoon low tide painting today at Salty Bay seafood restaurant in Scarborough, Maine.  Beautiful day, 75 with a slight breeze and sun.  I will work a little more on the Downeaster train, passed through pretty fast!
"Pine Point- Salty Bay 1" acrylic on canvas, 8 x 24

Wolfe's Neck Farm 4

Ninety degree day here in Maine, went to paint at Wolfe's Neck again this afternoon. It was a little cooler right by the coast and I planted myself right in the shade of a big tree to paint.  Didn't quite finish as the approaching thunder storm ended my painting time, the storm hit hard just as I drove into downtown Freeport for some LL Bean time!

"Wolfe's Neck Farm 4" acrylic on canvas, 12 x 24

Reid St. Park 5 and Mile Beach 2

Painted at Reid St. Park with the Pastel Painters of Maine today.  We had a large group and a perfect day to paint.  Tried something new with Ampersand Pastel Boards, took awhile to get used to the surface texture, but I liked them.  Here is a pic of the Pastel Board primed with pastel and washed with Spectra fix as an under painting drying in the sun.

"Reid St Park 5" pastel on board, 9 x 24, SOLD
"Mile Beach 2" pastel on board, 9 x 24

Wolfe's Neck Farm 3

Painted with friends at Wolfe's Neck Farm today for the benefit auction on June 18th.  A perfect Maine day!  A long day of painting!!!

"Wolfe's Neck Farm 3" acrylic, 8 x 16, SOLD
"Wolfe's Neck 8" acrylic, 12 x 30

Pemaquid Day

Had a great day of painting at Pemaquid!  Beautiful clear sunshine and cool, mixed it up with pastels and acrylic painting today.  Started the morning painting in acrylic at 7am with friends at Kresge's Point.  Then our painting retreat had a demo by Bangor, Maine artist Linda Packard.  Had blueberry pie for a late breakfast and then did a couple of paintings at the lighthouse park.  A lovely wedding happened at the lighthouse today, what a great place for a wedding!  Then I went to the boat launch at Pemaquid Harbor to start the fourth painting of the day, didn't quite finish that one as there were lots of boats, but will in the studio.  We had a group critique by Diana Johnson, PSA and then all went to dinner at Shaw's on the water in New Harbor.  More Pemaquid painting tomorrow!

 "Pemaquid 15" pastel, 6 x 12

"Pemaquid 16" pastel, 6 x 12

"Pemaquid 14" acrylic on canvas, 10 x 20 (last night's almost sunset painting finished at 8:15p…

Pemaquid 13

 At the Pastel Painters of Maine annual Pemaquid Painting Retreat.  Arrived late this afternoon, didn't get a chance to paint before the group critique, Linda Packard did a fabulous job discussing the work done today.  We all had a great dinner at the Sea Gull restaurant right on Pemaquid Point watching the ever changing light on the water and a clear view to Monhegan with the sun beaming on the island.  Then went out to paint at 7pm with the bugs and finished at 8:15.  Looking forward to some very early morning painting tomorrow, a very rare thing for me to do!
 "Pemaquid 13" pastel on paper, 12 x 24

Golden Road Marsh 2

Delivered a mess of work to North Light Gallery in Millinocket, Maine today.  The mountain was all in clouds so I painted in the gallery in the afternoon.  This is from a photo from my April 6th trip.  Lots of snow and beautiful strong blues.

"Golden Road Marsh 2" acrylic, 24 x 30