Alma Beach 1 and Waterside Beach 1

This morning was very cold and gray, but I decided to take a chance and painted at the end of the dock in Alma. Very windy, and about 6 Celsius, needed 4 layers to keep warm! The Bay of Fundy color was incredible, an aqua pink. The fall lobster season starts in seven days, so there was a lot of activity getting the boats ready, a super busy small harbor. Then I had lunch and moved on to Waterside Beach, between Alma and Cape Enrage, where I decided to paint the view of the tidal marsh and the beach. Perfect timing for low tide. This is looking toward Cape Enrage. It was still chilly and windy, but the sun soon was shining and it warmed up to 13 C. I think that this is my new favorite place! Lots of photos for future paintings in the studio...

working on the lobster boats, Alma,NB

"Alma Beach 1" acrylic on canvas, 6 x 12, SOLD
"Waterside Beach 1" acrylic on canvas, 6 x 18, SOLD