SOLD "Pemaquid 26" and "Monhegan 13" NW Barrett Gallery, Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Thank you to NW Barrett Gallery and to my new collectors! Both were painted on location at two of my favorite painting places. I love to paint locations many times and try to find new discoveries each time. Every painting trip is a test of will, first to get out there, then to deal with the conditions of the day, and to make a painting. The most enjoyable part of this process is the on the spot decision making for each painting, what to focus on, and the time in each painting when almost finished and I say to myself,,,,time to make it a painting. To me, this means, taking all the elements that I have painted up to that point and making a cohesive whole before I leave the location. I much prefer to finish all my paintings at the location. I hope that you can visit the gallery in Portsmouth for the current pastel show!

"Pemaquid 26" acrylic on canvas, 10 x 10
"Monhegan 13" acrylic on canvas, 10 x 10