SOLD Wells Sanctuary 14 and Goose Cove 1, Carver Hill Gallery, Rockland, Maine

Just SOLD these two at Carver Hill Gallery in Rockland, Maine.  "Wells Sanctuary 14" was one of the first paintings that I have done from memory of a place.  It is of the the marsh at Laudholm Farm in Wells, Maine.  One of my favorite spots, the view to the left, just before you walk onto the beach.

                   "Wells Sanctuary 14" acrylic on canvas, 12 x 24, SOLD

"Goose Cove 1"  acrylic on canvas, 4 x 6, SOLD

I painted "Goose Cove 1"  last summer at the end of a long painting trip to New Brunswick and a short stay in Bass Harbor on the way home.  It was very hot that day and this little painting took a long time, but I just love the yellow boat.

Thank you Carver Hill!