Parsons Marsh 6

 Back to painting, got out today to paint at Parsons Marsh in Kennebunk.  This is one of my favorite places to paint, it was pretty cold and damp, after all it's February in Maine.  I often give myself an unplanned challenge when I set out to paint on location, today I forgot my Spectra Fix casein based fixative that I use to paint with my pastels.  So I tried plain water, it worked pretty well, but took much longer to dry on this super damp day.  This was not a great thing as I got really cold waiting for it to dry.  Only lasted about two hours as it was getting dark and I was chilled to the bone!  I  usually finish on location, but I may spend a little more time on this one in the studio.

"Parsons Marsh 6" pastel on Wallis paper, 12 x 24