Saccarappa Art Collective 4, Westbrook, Maine

New show at Saccarappa Art Collective opened on  January 18!!! I am showing pieces from my Painting Edges series. These are all acrylic on paper, framed with contemporary cherry or maple. Hope to see the you at the SAC, show is up through February 21.

 “Painting Edges” is a series of acrylic paintings on paper based on my landscape paintings on canvas.  My landscape paintings continue around the edges of wrapped canvases; I noticed that when lined up the edges of the paintings make a new abstract landscape.  I started duplicating the painting of the edge of the canvas side by side on paper as I painted each piece.  The new piece makes an abstract landscape and documents my work.  Each piece reflects the mood, color, location of my work during a period as it represents many individual paintings.

The subjects for my paintings come from having lived in Maine all my life and knowing intimately the places of our daily lives.  I bring my vision and experience of the place to the viewer and I hope these works make one reconsider the every day as a painting.  “Painting Edges” takes these traditional landscape paintings a step further into the abstract, but pulls us back with sky, horizon, earth, and water.