SOLD, Waterside Beach 4

Sold to a new collector from my website, thank you! I am always amazed at how small the world is and how a painting can speak to someone far away. This may seem to be a naive view of the world, but I feel grateful and surprised every time. Most often it is because the place that I have painted is near and dear to the collectors heart, and that is the case with this one. It is one of my favorite paintings from my solo show last year at the Saint John Arts Centre in New Brunswick, Canada. I just love Waterside Beach and this whole area of the coastline in New Brunswick. I am so grateful to the lovely folks at the Saint John Arts Centre for the opportunity to have shown my work at SJAC! I traveled all over New Brunswick discovering the special places in the province that made my heart sing and took my breath away. I smiled for two years while working on the 60 paintings in the show. I met so many nice people along the way, Oh Canada!

"Waterside Beach 4" acrylic on canvas, 12 x 30, SOLD

here is a link to my video of the show: