Katahdin Lake Wilderness Camps Painting Trip

5 days, 500 miles, North Light Gallery, Big Moose Inn, Allagash White, Katahdin Air, Baxter State Park, Avalanche Field, 3.3 mile hike, Katahdin Lake Wilderness Camps,Traveler cabin, delicious meals, cold weather, 6 paintings, lovely sunsets, alpine glow sunrises, Katahdin, wood fires, short hikes, meeting and sharing meals with great people who love the outdoors, bald eagle, loons galore, moonlit nights, Holly, Bryce, Rachael, Jeff, Carla, and Mike, closing for the season, sunny days, 3.3 mile hike, dead battery, Good Samaritans, North Light Gallery, Marsha and Wayne, jump starts, Dysart's, 4 sales, home safe, GRATEFUL!

"Katahdin Lake 14-02" acrylic, 8 x 24, SOLD