November Drawing Challenge 2/30

Didn't do a drawing yesterday, we had the first big winter storm of the season, it was snowing and super windy so I didn't go out. I guess I was not ready to call it a season and draw indoors...but that's the lesson of drawing every day. Just do I've got it, after lots of thinking and figuring out why I couldn't get motivated yesterday. Today was another day, cold and windy, but sunny, I had two trips to Cape Elizabeth the first one to pickup work from my show at the Good Table Restaurant, thank you Lisa and crew! Took some nice pics at Kettle Cove, it was so windy, I could barely keep my camera steady! The second one to drop off work for my show at Townsend Gallery on Shore Road, so I scooted off to Fort Williams to do today's drawing and to enjoy the late afternoon light. Familiar places to Portlanders! I'll catch up tomorrow!