November Drawing Challenge 4/30 Downtown Westbrook, Maine

Out early today for a drawing and walk, helped to clear my head after election night results here in Maine. Gray, cool and damp, I decided to do a drawing downtown. I realized again how hard it is to do a detailed drawing holding my sketchbook in my hand while standing and how important drawing is for the painter. It is everything. When I was a banker, I was Branch Manager of this bank, but it was a different bank. I was here for six years, I had lots of great customers and colleagues and learned so much about running a small business. It's very interesting that I drew the bank building much smaller than it first I wanted to make sure to get all of the building, so I started small, but then I made it narrower and smaller than the fabulous Indian Restaurant, The Dancing Elephant next's been fourteen years since I left banking and began painting full time. I worked very hard as a banker and now very hard as a painter, it's all good. Had to stop when some raindrops fell, hope you can get out to draw!