30 Paintings in 30 Days 11,12,13,14 Millinocket Lake, Golden Road Marsh, Sunday Pond, Katahdin from Togue Pond

Had a great day painting in the Katahdin area! It was unseasonably warm with clear blue skies. I started out with a painting of the island in Millinocket Lake from Big Moose Inn then headed out to the Golden Road to a favorite marsh spot, the fall color is glorious in the bright sunlight.I was planning to head to Kidney Pond in Baxter Park, but got a little distracted along the way. Then I stopped at the road to Sunday Pond couldn't resist the marsh just before the turn off. I had stopped here with Susan Savage Brewer on my last painting trip a couple of weeks ago and the light was wrong, so we didn't paint here, but today! WOW! The sky behind the marsh had some dramatic clouds too. I soon realized the folly of painting by the marsh though, the black flies were still out and were eating me to death in the hot sun, this painting was done quickly! Then dozens of Lady Bugs swarmed all over me! I was pretty tired and hot so I drove to Togue Pond to cool off and put my feet in the cool water. I was too tired to move, so I had a snack in the car and tried to rest for 45 minutes. Dragged myself out to the beach with a chair and painted sitting on the edge of the water with my feet in the water. So quiet, so sunny, so beautiful. Packed up and headed to back to the Big Moose for dinner and live jazz piano in the Loose Moose, bug bitten, dog tired and smiling, done for today!

"Millinocket Lake 4" acrylic on canvas, 5 x 5, SOLD
"Golden Road Marsh 17" acrylic on canvas, 10 x 10
"Near Sunday Pond" acrylic on canvas, 10 x 10
"Katahdin from Togue Pond 2" acrylic on canvas, 6 x 12, SOLD

all available at North Light Gallery, Millinocket, Maine

4 paintings done!!!!!!